Information Technology

IT Effectiveness and Due Diligence

Businesses are constantly seeking to maximise the value that new technology trends and innovation can bring and they must do so in an environment of increasing economic pressure relying on delivery of an optimal and cost-effective service across the entire IT estate.

Ensuring the effectiveness of an organisation’s investment in IT is crucial for the ongoing development of strategy. IT directors must be satisfied that the systems and technologies align with business objectives and meet the needs of end users while being able to justify the level of investment to shareholders and other key stakeholders.

This comes into sharp focus when a merger is on the agenda.

Our consultants have developed innovative approaches and toolkits to deliver insights, assessments and quality checks. Our IT Effectiveness Toolkit enables organisations to test the robustness of their systems.

In addition, we have also helped them to prepare for major restructuring events (such as a merger or separation) by undertaking thorough due diligence developing a roadmap for integration, ensuring that IT systems are fit-for-purpose and identifying the issues that are critical to business-as-usual to minimise the impact of change.


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