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Never before has the importance of effective risk management been as crucial to the long term success and sustainability of Financial Service and Energy firms. The current reality however, is that efficient risk identification is problematic for many firms, which in turn makes effective risk management difficult to achieve, particularly when capabilities to achieve this are built upon manual tools and processes with inadequate controls.

The mind-set of senior management is changing as a greater appreciation of the criticality of proactive risk management develops, and a culture of risk awareness is developed and embedded across firms. What’s our risk appetite and is it aligned to our risk exposure? Are we tracking and forecasting our performance in a way that offers visibility into which risks we’re taking?  What are the risks to achieving our strategic objectives? Which metrics should we apply to risk?

These questions are now commonplace amongst management teams and demonstrate the challenges inherent in risk management.

Baringa is experienced at designing and implementing risk analytics solutions that enable our clients to more clearly define, understand and manage their risk profile. Our risk experts are skilled at implementing innovative quantitative risk modelling tools for market, credit and counterparty risk and measurement frameworks for operational and conduct risk.

We have also helped our clients to optimise their credit risk exposure management and capital requirements by supporting the design, build and implementation of internal risk models through all key delivery phases including back testing, stress testing and regulatory model validation.

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