Commodities Trading

Agricultural and Supply Chain

Like other commodities, agricultural products are subject to volatility in pricing, changing global demands and increasingly stringent regulatory demands. What sets agricultural products apart is the level of public scrutiny and political sensitivity surrounding them. Not only do grains trading firms and others have to manage margin volatility and streamline their dry bulk shipping, they must satisfy the unique demands made by informed consumers and their representatives. For example, requirements such as managing traceability become paramount.

At the same time greater transparency in the supply chain and demands for provenance have enabled producers and consumers to challenge suppliers on price. The pressure is on to create a transparent organisation that can still protect its margins, and respond to changing demands from both energy and food sectors.

Baringa brings a wealth of experience from its commodities trading consultants to the softs trading and agricultural commodities businesses. We design and deliver change programmes that create optimal operating models for the entire commodities value chain, while our in-depth knowledge of the CTRM sector enables us to run system selections and implement the appropriate technology for our clients.

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