Energy Networks

Strategy and Investment Decision Making

As network operators invest and de-invest to meet changing demand patterns, regulatory requirements and stakeholder drivers, financing renewable assets, buying and selling gas and coal-fired plant, and investing in interconnectors, capacity and storage creates uncertain economic models – particularly under scrutiny of energy network totex.

Baringa’s energy consultants help network operators shape their business strategy and network planning requirements with a focus on understanding the impacts of and outcomes from infrastructure investment. We have worked with merging companies to evaluate assets on both gas and electricity networks, and carry out due diligence based on advanced modelling techniques.

We have conducted investment planning, options analysis, and electricity, gas and heat network planning under various scenarios. Our consultants work with clients to develop business models that cover the interface between system operation and network operation at the transmission and the distribution level.

All of our work in support of strategic and investment decision-making is informed by deep understanding of the drivers, the complete M&A cycle and the parameters set by the regulatory framework, as well as our advanced analytics and modelling techniques.

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