European Utility Week (15-17 November 2016) 

Baringa was proud to be the Exclusive Thought Leader sponsor for the new Energy Revolution track at this year’s European Utility Week. We ran a number of sessions at the conference on how we and others see the energy value chain changing including the role of evolving customers (Prosumers) and the services supported by new disruptive technologies. Plese find our thought leadership collateral and including webinars we hosted on Engerati.



Below we have summed up our learning from the conference but if you would like to access our thought leadership and other Smart materials, please click here to learn more.

Baringa’s role in the Smart Energy Revolution

At Baringa, we live and breathe the energy industry and view every challenge through experienced eyes. We tell it how we see it and roll up our sleeves when we know we can make a difference. We have the largest dedicated energy consulting practice in Europe specialising exclusively in energy, and we have been at the forefront of energy industry change for the last 15 years – and the next 15 years will be no different.

Baringa works across the entire energy value chain and we work with our clients to run more effective businesses; launch a new business, service or product; or navigate industry shifts. We have a market-leading track record of clients including regulators, generators and traders, retailers, transmission and distribution companies, investors and technology providers. For nearly a decade we have worked on Smart metering and Smart Grid engagements across UK, Ireland and Europe, building up an enviable track record and insight through engagements.

Smart Retail

Smart offers a unique opportunity to directly engage with customers and leverage Smart capabilities to transform and simplify business operations. The existing provision of retail services to energy customers is changing from the volume and types of work generated by Smart customers, to the products and services expected and needed by the customer.

Baringa work with client organisations to scale and optimise Smart operations, and design and launch Smart propositions by navigating the challenges of big data and extracting value from Smart Meters.
Smart Grids

In response to the macro-level need to transition to a low-carbon economy, there will be an advent of new entities in the network industry. Existing entities will have the opportunity to develop into much more than the historical reactive-regulated entity by leveraging the rapid developments in disruptive technologies and pursuing new commercial opportunities outside the boundaries of the regulated operator.

Baringa has a proven track record of managing risk and opportunities associated with Smart Grid investments, extracting value from Smart Grids by enhancing existing network capability, and developing future business and operating models for existing and new market participants.

Smart Homes

Marketers and industry commentators are painting a utopian-consumer centric vision where all homes of the future will contain inter-connected devices that provide valuable information and services and enhances society’s home comfort, security and well-being. There are going to be winners and losers in this maturing market and no doubt there will be activity across B2B and B2C markets. The type of organisation that is going to make the mass market breakthrough remains one of many industries’ unanswered questions. It won’t be long however, before a dominant party appears and the direction of the market becomes clearer.

In this nascent Smart Homes market Baringa is working with a range of new and existing participants to assess potential market and business models, and B2C and B2B propositions. By leveraging our deep energy, telecoms and financial services industry expertise, we are leveraging all of our prior market design and entry experience to remove noise from the IoT marketing campaigns and focus on extracting value from this emerging opportunity.

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