Operations and Field

Effective field operations in the water industry is the foundation for effective customer engagement, improving the customer experience, and enhancing operational efficiency and productivity. Field force optimisation also empowers water asset optimisation and maintenance, and underpins effective energy and water management.

Baringa works with water companies to create streamlined, effective and high performing field organisations. We offer high-impact solutions that deliver results within weeks rather than months.

We have worked on award-winning wholesale changes to working patterns, supported scheduling optimisation and developed mobile device strategies. We have established performance management frameworks that enable field managers to develop their teams and provide field performance metrics through improved data capture and analysis. We have re-designed organisations from Director to Engineer level. In addition, we have helped to deliver a long-term integrated energy strategy that covers opportunities for hedging energy costs to securing revenues from renewable power generation on existing real estate.

Baringa’s consultants offer thorough, practical experience at every level of the water business, from working with executive teams to sharing a van with engineers, engaging successfully with Unions and HR teams each step of the way. Our proven set of accelerators, tools and techniques deliver immediate improvements, both independent of and alongside longer-term asset management and systems installation projects.

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