Large deposits and low-risk revenue streams have given corporate banking a revitalised role within global banking. But corporate customers are also consumers who have experienced digital strategies and banking innovations in retail banking.

The challenge for global banks is two-fold. First, they need to adapt their customer experience management strategies to the specific needs of international corporate banking and ensure they are the go-to choice in every location. Second, they need to optimise capital by streamlining the organisation to eradicate efficiencies built up over years of growth, mergers and acquisitions.

Baringa’s banking consultants work with corporate banks to develop systems and processes that enable an integrated single customer view across multiple geographies, banking regulations, currencies and languages. We help banks develop and deliver on strategies that rationalise product portfolios to facilitate easier management and greater flexibility. We act as digital strategy consultants to help banks deliver innovative payment and banking channels to corporate clients wherever and whenever they access their banking service.

Our services are designed to embed change management capabilities within our clients’ organisations so they can continue to align the business around the needs of corporate customers.

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