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Developing a smarter, simplified organisation is a motivating force among investment banks. There has been widespread exiting of businesses; a sharpened interest in cost and return; a new desire to rationalise the architecture; and ambitions to succeed in new markets.

In every one of these shifts, the ability to leverage data across the organisation is critical. Instead of earning a return on data, for most organisations it is an overhead. Instead of risk data being an enabler for front office with margin pricing, applying XVA and client opportunities at their fingertips, data is lagging the market and often misleading. Instead of having a single source of accurate trade data, approximate and duplicate bookings make a consolidated view hard to achieve.

Change programmes that deliver immediate cost savings are being updated to deliver a more profound transformation of operations. Baringa helps investment banks to align their portfolios to both the mandatory and discretionary demands. We recognise that with investment curtailed, there is no room to fail. Across competing demands, we are helping our clients to prioritise and deliver against some of the most business critical programmes.

Baringa combines the thought leadership of an advisory consultancy with experience in project delivery, programme management and system deployment. Whether it be know-your-customer (KYC) remediation, trading system replatforming or EMIR reporting, our consultants blend strategic ambitions with cold realism to arrive at the best outcome.

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