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    28 Mar 2017

    Completing the Internal Energy Market blueprint: the end of the beginning

    It’s often said that it takes a long time to get things done in Europe. However, on Thursday 16th March 2017 the blueprint for a fully integrated Internal Energy Market (IEM) was completed when Member States voted to adopt the Network Code on Electricity Balancing. Developed under the Third Energy Package, the IEM aims to promote competition, cross-border trading and security of supply to create an affordable and clean energy future, through a set of legally binding common technical and commercial rules. This marks the end of nearly eight years of intense, protracted and at times painstaking policy development. 

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    27 Mar 2017

    PSD II and Open Banking series: Transformation, the key to success…

    “Banking is necessary; banks are not” (Bill Gates, 1990). Open Banking / PSD II could make this a reality. Banks who chose the minimum compliance response risk losing value, being disintermediated from customers and becoming invisible infrastructure providers. To remain relevant and harness Open Banking / PSD II opportunities, banks must fundamentally transform their approach to business.

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  3. 20 Mar 2017

    PSD II and Open Banking series: The scale of organisational impact

    Implementing PSD II presents a monumental task for banks - the breadth and scale of which is only just becoming apparent. Not only are you required to embark on a significant API (application programming interface) build, change the way you authenticate customers online and reconsider your fraud and payments processes, but there are a vast number of other organisational considerations to be factored in.  We estimate 80% of your organisation will be impacted.

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  4. 17 Mar 2017

    Balancing mental health and financial health

    The FCA is working with the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute to achieve real change by bringing together financial services and technology organisations, encouraging the industry to come up with practical innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by people with mental health problems when managing their personal finances.

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  5. 16 Mar 2017

    Donald Trump, Dodd-Frank, and the chopping block

    On February 3rd 2017, Donald Trump signed an executive order to review the Dodd-Frank Act (“DFA”), with the goal of repealing aspects of the regulation implemented following the 2008 financial crisis. Trump has asked Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to perform an audit and submit recommendations for repeal or reform.  

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