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    28 Feb 2017

    Financial Crime regulatory reporting: Leveraging the REP-CRIM process

    With the first Financial Crime Return (REP-CRIM) submissions due shortly, accurate and consistent collation of data is presenting an immediate and complex task. However, REP-CRIM also presents an opportunity for firms to review and improve the overall effectiveness of their financial crime controls. 

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    24 Feb 2017

    My challenger banking experience

    Recently I was planning an extended honeymoon so was looking into payment options for my time away. We needed a solution to meet the following requirements: A card that could be used anywhere and to which we could easily transfer money from existing accounts A good exchange rate and low fees for all four of the countries we would be visiting Quick and accurate information on our spending throughout the trip.

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  3. 23 Feb 2017

    ​Being a Baringa dad: SPL survival guide

    This blog is for anyone who is about to go on shared parental leave. There are so many things I wish I knew ahead of time. I’ve done my best to condense these into an easily digestible listicle. 

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  4. 22 Feb 2017

    Customer and Digital hot topics in 2017 #3: Augmented Reality – the future is here

    Christmas in my house was easy this year - any gift tangentially related to Pokémon was received with squeals of delight. Before this summer, I doubt if my kids had any brand awareness of Pokémon at all, something that rapidly changed upon Niantic’s release of the Pokémon GO app. Once the buzz started in the playground, it wasn’t long before we had the app installed ourselves. Most apps have only managed to hold the kids’ attention for a week or so before something new came along.

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  5. 09 Feb 2017

    FCA issues record fine for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) control weaknesses

    “Other firms should take notice of today’s fine and look again at their own AML procedures to ensure they do not face similar action.” Mark Steward, Director of Enforcement and Market Oversight, FCA. In light of the FCA’s decision to issue a record fine of £163m for “failing to maintain an adequate AML control framework”, there’s an immediate requirement for firms to review their AML control frameworks.

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