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    20 Jul 2017

    Adequate measures - it starts with people

    The term “adequate technical and organisational measures” is a statement that often instils uncertainty and frustration amongst those working in cybersecurity. Unlike other compliance obligations that have significant focus on cybersecurity and rely on specific safeguards, GDPR, and its predecessor the Data Protection Act, entrust organisations to establish effective cybersecurity based on defensible judgement; and rightly so. 

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    17 Jul 2017

    BCBS 239: The marathon that went underground

    ​The deadline, of 1st January 2016, for G-SIBs to comply with BCBS 239 passed – unnoticed by most – and all went quiet. From the BIS at least.  There has been even less information in the public domain regarding the requirements or progress of the D-SIBs.

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  3. 12 Jul 2017

    Key steps investment consultants need to take to avoid regulatory action

    Following its recent asset management market study, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has called for an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) into the investment consultant sector and recommended that investment consultants are brought into its regulatory perimeter. Its main concerns relate to possible competition issues and conflicts of interest, with some firms offering both advisory and fiduciary management services, accepting gifts and hospitality, and a lack of disclosure of information relating to performance and services provided.

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  4. 11 Jul 2017

    Third Party Administrators (TPAs): their CASS compliance, your problem!

    Following our March publication regarding challenges the FRC Standards present to the industry, this blog focuses on one in particular - how to manage your Third Party Administrator (TPA). The FCA fine issued last October reminded the industry that although the responsibility of the TPA should be considered in instances of failure, from the FCA’s perspective it is the outsourcing firm’s responsibility to ensure it has effective oversight in place. 

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  5. 10 Jul 2017

    UK energy policy: May-be, May-be not

    The Government recently set out its legislative agenda for the next two years in the Queen’s Speech. With an enfeebled mandate after shockingly losing their parliamentary majority huge swathes of the Conservatives’ manifesto were watered down or culled altogether. Within this turmoil is there any clarity on the future direction of the UK’s energy policy?

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