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  1. 07 Jul 2017

    Japan’s Fair Trade Commission’s decision to end destination restrictions signals time for LNG market to grow up

    When, in concluding an investigation last week, the Japan Fair Trade Commission ruled that there should no longer be restrictions to the resale of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) cargoes by Japanese companies, it made perhaps the biggest statement yet that the maturing of the LNG industry around a traded commodity model is at the point of no return.

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  2. 06 Jul 2017

    Third parties shouldn’t take third place in the GDPR priority list

    With the May 2018 deadline approaching, many of our clients have completed their GDPR impact assessments and are starting to wake up to the size and scale of the changes required over the next 12 months. We have seen some firms starting from the bottom-up, with a very detailed review of business processes against the requirements, and others from the top-down, with a strategic response to determining the optimum legal basis and level of compliance. What we have seen less of, is firms beginning to address the challenges posed by third parties. 

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  3. 04 Jul 2017

    What Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods means for UK Supermarkets: Supply Chain as Prime advantage

    The dust has settled and, for UK supermarkets, it’s time to reflect on what Amazon’s recent acquisition of US premium grocer Whole Foods for $13.7 Bn will mean for them. Share prices of the main grocers appear to have stabilised after an initial decline with the exception of online grocery operator Ocado whose shares had jumped 12% at the time of writing. The indications are that, although significant, the effects of the deal will not be felt by the main grocery multiples in the short term.

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  4. 29 Jun 2017

    GDPR is just another compliance headache, right?

    Yes and no. Mishandling customer data can now land you with a big fine. Four per cent of global revenue or £1500 per customer record breached. Ouch. But you’d be missing a huge opportunity by viewing GDPR solely through a compliance lens, because managing customer data properly creates a competitive advantage and real value.    It boils down to a single word: TRUST. 

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  5. 28 Jun 2017

    Rough closure opens a new era for UK gas

    The recently announced permanent closure of Centrica’s Rough gas storage facility signals the changing nature of gas in the UK. The fact that the market barely batted an eyelid (the 2018 summer winter spread declined by 0.01p) tells us about the shifting sands of both national and, more relevantly, global gas markets.

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