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  1. 13 Jun 2017

    Dissecting the Brexit Election

    The election on Thursday 8th June was intended to consolidate the government’s mandate for a “hard Brexit” emphasising the political imperatives of border control and casting doubt on the economic benefits of the Single Market. 

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  2. 12 Jun 2017

    The Fundamental Review of the “Data” Book

    One of the biggest challenges in the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) is data, from capture at source through to processing, and ultimately reporting. This means that a significant part of firms’ investments are likely to be inward-looking and focusing on data, from instrument representation and booking, to market data flows and access.

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  3. 08 Jun 2017

    2017 energy manifestos

    Energy has certainly had its fair share of headlines in the 2017 general election campaign – from Labour’s call for renationalisation to the Conservatives’ apparent conversion to the “Marxist universe” of price caps. We’ve gone behind the headlines and assessed and compared each of the main parties’ energy manifesto pledges. For easy reference on your way to the polling station, our handy summary is shown in the accompanying chart.

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  4. 06 Jun 2017

    Your Telco transformation: How’s it going?

    It appears that the old cliché ‘the only thing constant is change’ really does hold true for Telcos. Every Telco I have worked with recently is undergoing some form of transformation. But what really needs to change in Telcos? In one word – everything! The entire way of working and the associated organisation structure needs changing and this, I believe, is being led by digitalisation. A digital transformation requires a wholesale reinvention of every aspect of the business. 

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  5. 02 Jun 2017

    Brexit impact on trading venue operators

    Much discussion has been made on the Brexit impact for market participants. However, the threat of a “Hard Brexit,” together with the extreme but not impossible scenario of EU-UK relations breaking down into a “no deal” scenario, also poses risks to London’s trading venues.  The Brexit effects on British trading venues in this scenario can be categorised into either operator impacts or client impacts.

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